New Opportunities at Blythefield

Golfers are encouraged to use caddies when they are available. Caddies are generally available when the local schools are not in session. If you would like to be a caddy, please contact the Golf Shop at 616.363.1902 or email Juan Martinez at If you need a caddy, please contact the Golf Shop or the starter.

The Caddy Committee and the staff at Blythefield are committed to maintaining an excellent caddy program. Each spring, clinics are conducted to train prospective caddies and reacquaint returning caddies with our program at Blythefield Country Club. To help us in our on-going training, we ask that each golfer complete the caddy rating form at the Starter’s desk after completing their golf round. By these ratings, we are able to monitor the quality of our caddy program and provide assistance where and when necessary.

Blythefield supports the Caddy Program by providing scholarship opportunities, vests, visors, and name tags for each caddy. Top ranked caddies receive cash bonuses over the course of the year because of their hard work and dedication. Some of the costs associated with the Caddy Program are supported by the generous voluntary donations made by Blythefield members. A privilege that caddies receive is the opportunity to play golf on Monday afternoons at Blythefield, provided that they caddy at least twice during the preceding week.

Throughout the years, Blythefield has strongly supported the Evans Scholarship Fund, sponsored by the Western Golf Association. Many outstanding young people have been aided in advancing their education because of our members’ gracious and voluntary contributions. Over the years, Blythefield has had several caddies benefit as Evans Scholars, including Robert Block, Richard Block, Michael Milanowski, Richard Warmolts, Daniel Boguslaski, Bruce Corey, James Pierson, Michael Peterson, Scott Pierson, Steve Windbiel, Jane Kersjes, Jack Kersjes, John Stark, Matt Stark, Marie Stark, Jeff Lago, Beth Ann Stark, Tom Stark, Chase Plank, Roman Moekel, Evan Bruin, and Paul Casey.

Caddy Fees
Honor Caddy
'A' Ranked Caddy
'B' Ranked Caddy

18 Holes

9 Holes

Gratuities given to caddies should be in direct correlation with the level of service provided by the caddy.

Evans Scholarship Foundation

With the help of more than 27,600 Par Club members nationwide, the Evans Scholars Foundation is sending 870 caddies to college this year. We are excited to share with you today a story that appeared Saturday on the front page of the Wall Street Journal chronicling how the Evans Scholars Foundation is continuing to help caddies realize their dream of a college education. The link is below. Your support of the Evans Scholars Foundation is critical to our Program’s mission to send deserving caddies to college. Thank you!